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Creating new value, progress and growth through innovation, reinvention and transformation presents new challenges for many investors, managers and teams.

Since 2006, the strategy consulting firm REINVENTIS has been providing consulting services nationwide to help investors, managers and teams master these challenges in a value-creating, agile and creative manner.

The collaboration can take place analogously at a chosen location or virtually and thus independent of time and location.

Reposition, reinvent, and redigitalize business models, platforms, products, services, and digital and multi-sensory user experiences.

Shaping the future for companies, brands and real estate. From the idea to marketing.

Erik A. Leonavicius, owner and managing director of the strategy consulting firm REINVENTIS in Munich, Germany

Together we will reinvent you!


Optimal repositioning of your business (company, brand or real estate) with the help of REINVENTIS refers to revising the positioning of a brand, product or service to better align it with current market trends and user needs. Repositioning requires a thorough analysis of the market and competitors to find a unique positioning.


Company executives are rethinking their brand messages, marketing strategies and target groups, and possibly also realigning their products, services or business models. A clear and consistent brand identity as well as effective communication with users are of great importance. Through successful repositioning, you and your ventures can increase market share, strengthen your position in the market, and stand out from the competition.


A successful reinvention requires a creative and bold approach to the problems and challenges that currently exist. Reinventing your business (company, brand or real estate) with the support of REINVENTIS refers to the radical revision of a product, service or business model to become more innovative and competitive.


Investors, managers and teams should be open to new ideas and changes in order to adapt their business to changing user needs and differentiate themselves from the competition. A thorough analysis of the market and competitors is essential to plan the right steps for a successful reinvention. A successful reinvention can help you increase the growth, progress and profitability of your business.


A digital transformation requires a comprehensive analysis of existing processes and systems to identify areas that can be optimized through digital solutions. The digital transformation of your business (company, brands or real estate) with support from REINVENTIS refers to the change from traditional business models and processes to digital ways of working and interacting.


In today's world, digital transformation is essential for your business to remain competitive and realize your growth potential. Ventures should also invest in digital infrastructure and train your employees to use new technologies. Successful digital transformation can help increase your efficiency and productivity, open up new business opportunities, and improve the user experience.

Tailor-made target group support

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Services for investors

As an investor, are you looking for a proven range of advisory services to optimize your investment processes in your ventures (companies, brands or real estate) and take your business to the next level?

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Services for managers

As a manager, you are looking for advice and active support in the form of a sparring partner to discuss issues in your plans and to proactively and efficiently manage your projects around innovation, reinvention or transformation?

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Services for teams

As a team, you are looking for structured support, consulting and moderation to solve problems and tasks in all phases of your innovation, reinvention and transformation projects quickly, agilely and with added value?

Innovation support for start-ups - Innovation - REINVENTIS - Innovationsagentur - München

Services for start-ups

As a start-up, you are looking for competent support with proven formats to develop a good business idea and to accelerate the start-up process as well as to master the organization and growth of your new venture?

Shaping the future - securing existence

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Shaping the future for companies

Global networking, digitalization, ever-changing customer requirements and expectations (B2C and B2B) are prompting companies to question their own business and operating model, reposition, reinvent or re-digitalize as necessary in order to remain relevant in the market, secure their existence and expand their competitive position.

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Shaping the future for brands

Changes in consumer thinking and behavior, the rapid coming and going of trends, changes in market conditions, the linking of reality with virtuality, and easy access to information through global networking make it necessary to question and further develop existing brands and their products and services.

Emotional Selling Lab - REINVENTIS

Shaping the future for products & services

Innovation, reinvention and transformation of products, services and services offer adaptation to changing market conditions and the development and expansion of new business opportunities. Products and services should be optimized to better meet customer needs and increase competitiveness.

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Shaping the future for real estate

Crises, demographic and economic change, rising costs, changing tenant requirements and increasing vacancy rates make it necessary to critically examine your real estate, its future viability at the location and, if necessary, to reposition, reinvent or re-digitalize it in order to remain relevant on the market.

Consulting services in four phases

1. discover

  • Status quo
  • Needs
  • Potential
  • Unique selling points
  • Competitive advantages

2. develop

  • Ideas & Concepts
  • Products, Services & Benefits
  • Business & Operating Models
  • Marketing strategies
  • Implementation roadmaps

3. testing

  • Prototypes
  • Processes
  • Organization
  • Feasibility checks
  • Optimisation measures

4. insertion

  • Key partner selection
  • Technology deployment
  • Implementation support
  • Quality assurance
  • Measuring success

Cross-industry collaboration with start-ups to established companies

Objectives of the cooperation

  • Improve the existing
  • Digitize necessary
  • Market relevant
  • Successfully expand
  • Innovate and create value
  • Shaping the future

Timing of cooperation

  • Planning phase
  • Operating phase
  • Growth phase
  • Modernisation phase
  • Next generation phase
  • Exit phase

Formats of cooperation

  • Consultation
  • Workshops
  • Sprints
  • Sparrings
  • Keynotes
  • Trainings

Participant comments from the online and face-to-face formats of the projects

"... good and convincing results in a very short time ..."

"... absolute practical relevance ..."

"... Lecturer is understanding, human, sympathetic, competent ..."

"... for once no mere orientation, but actually valuable for one's own future ..."

"... everything was well explained from the beginning, including the basics ..."

"... easy to understand - even if you have no previous knowledge ..."

"... the very friendly and motivating manner of the workshop leader ..."

"... many good and up-to-date practical examples, clearly presented by pictures ..."

"... the opportunity to be creative yourself ..."

"... the many videos and examples from 'real life' ..."

"... the time to work on one's own ..."

"... up-to-date and good slides and documents ..."

"... very interesting structure ... a new way of learning ..."

"... to get a little taste and understanding of agile methods ..."

"... the group composition and strength ..."

"... the informal setting - everyone is equal ..."

"... the very calm manner of the trainer. Top! ..."

"... good mix of theory and practice ..."

"... no long-windedness - to the point! ..."

Known from the following publications

Benefit from the advantages of cooperation

Solve current crises, problems or tasks in a value-adding, agile and creative way.

Optimise existing or new teamwork and, if required, realise it independent of time and location.

Develop efficient, comprehensible and implementable ideas as well as concepts with the integration of user feedback.

Accelerate innovation cycles to bring new business models, platforms, products, services to market.

Identify and minimise risks early on in the development of new business models, platforms, products, services.

Generate market opportunities and new value by identifying user needs at all levels.

Use proven methodological knowledge and new technologies for innovation independent of time and location.

Acquire fresh know-how, gain inspiration and promote co-creation.

Make informed decisions faster through customized collaboration formats to drive growth.

Multidisciplinary cooperation - only one contact person

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Strategy Consulting

Repositioning, reinventing or re-digitizing business models, platforms, products, services and multi-sensory user experiences. From the idea to the marketing.

Innovation Expert - Erik A. Leonavicius - REINVENTIS - Innovation Agency - Munich


Erik A. Leonavicius is your expert for all your questions, challenges and tasks in your project plans for innovation, reinvention and transformation.

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REINVENTIS has made it its goal not only to show you new ways, but also to go them together with you. Take the opportunity to contact us now!