Expert in innovation, reinvention and transformation

Hello, my name is Erik A. Leonavicius

I have been an expert in innovation, reinvention and transformation since 1996 with extensive knowledge and experience in these areas.

I have specialized skills and competencies to help your businesses (companies, brands, products, services or real estate) to continuously evolve, adapt to changing market conditions and remain competitive.

Here are some aspects that distinguish me as an expert in innovation, reinvention and transformation:

Profound understanding

I have a deep and practical understanding of the fundamentals of innovation, reinvention and transformation. This includes knowledge of relevant theories, concepts, methods, tools and best practices.

Extensive experience

I have extensive practical experience in the development and implementation of innovation strategies, reinvention projects and transformation initiatives in various industries and organizations of all sizes.

Analytical skills

As an expert in innovation, reinvention and transformation, I have strong analytical skills to work with you as a client to understand complex problems, recognize trends, identify opportunities and make informed decisions.

Creativity and inventiveness

I am able to work with you to develop creative solutions and generate innovative ideas to help your business (company, brand, product, service or real estate) stand out from the competition and open up new opportunities for growth.

Agility and adaptability

In view of the constantly changing business environment, I am flexible and can adapt quickly to new circumstances in order to develop and implement effective solutions together with you.

Network and partnerships

I have a proven network of contacts and partnerships with other experts, organizations and companies to pool resources and exploit synergies. At your request, other experts and key partners will be identified and integrated into your projects, as will your employees and customers or users.

Overall, I distinguish myself as an expert in innovation, reinvention and transformation through my holistic understanding, my experience, my creativity and my ability to collaborate with you.

By working with you, I can help you strengthen your ability to innovate, transform successfully and ensure long-term success.


Together we will reinvent you!

Creating new values through intelligent and efficient solutions - extract from experience


Various premium properties owned by private asset owners and entrepreneurial families


Dr. Kaub Consult

Federal Foreign Office



benninger.eberle event agency

COMME le bleu du ciel


German Armed Forces (MAKRO)

EIT Health

DIG - German Institute for Community Gastronomy

Delicatessen Käfer

German Railways

Dailypoint - Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll. Ltd.

EIT Raw Materials


Goethe Institute

Global Entrepreneurship Summer School - GESS


Hotel Staudacherhof

Real Estate Consulting and Controlling Klaus Leven GmbH

Kantar Icon Added Value


P1 Club Munich

Maritim Hotels






Pannell Kerr Forster - PKF Hotelexperts

Pistor AG

PWC - PricewaterhouseCoopers

SeWo GmBH - Self-determined living for people with disabilities

World Food Program

SCE Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship gGmbH

Südpack GmbH & Co KG

Tank & Rest




... and many more ...


  • I have a degree in business administration (FH), real estate economist (ebs), restaurant specialist and state-certified biological-technical assistant (BTA). I am a food lifestyle editor and (co-)author of various specialist books/articles. I am also a member of the International Food Design Society, IMMOEBS e.V. and the Deutscher Fachjournalistenverband (DFJV e.V.).
  • I have an exceptional mix of skills through education, practical and teaching experience in the following subjects: Innovation, reinvention, transformation, economics, real estate economics, entrepreneurship, start-ups, strategic marketing, design, information technology, biology / biotechnology, behavioral psychology, tourism and international hospitality management (hotel and restaurant administration).
  • I have extensive project experience, which I gained at international consulting organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dr. Kaub Consult, PKF Hotelexperts and Accenture.
  • I work closely with customer project teams depending on the requirements of the respective projects. Customers, suppliers and other specialists, experts and key partners can be integrated into the project team on request. The aforementioned makes the full-service offering of my strategy consultancy REINVENTIS possible and at the same time guarantees optimal results.
  • In 2006, I founded the strategy consultancy REINVENTIS( in Munich with the aim of offering a special form of consulting services for investors, managers and teams based on strategic analysis, concept and implementation consulting that not only develops visions, but also realizes them together. From the idea to marketing.
  • The collaboration can take place analogously at a chosen location or virtually and thus independent of time and location.
  • From 2009 to 2019, I was a lecturer at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the University of Applied Management Erding and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Munich for the topics of business start-ups, intrapreneurship, design thinking, value proposition design, business model innovation, multisensory interactions, sensehacking, innovation, quality and technology management at the faculties of economics, tourism, hotel and restaurant administration and design.
  • In 2010, I initiated the industry solution: RESTAURANTMARKETING(
  • In 2021, I established the platform for face-to-face and online formats for my strategy consultancy REINVENTIS: THE SCHOOL OF INNOVATION(


  • Graduate business economist (FH)
  • Real Estate Economist (ebs)
  • State-certified biological-technical assistant (BTA)
  • Restaurant specialist in all types of catering establishments
  • Trainer aptitude test (IHK)
  • Business Innovation Design Framework
  • Certified Design Sprint Facilitator / Training
  • Certificate of Achievement - ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems
  • Workshopper - Problem solving & decision making expert


  • 2023 / 2024: "Reinventing the world of hospitality" - series of workshops in Germany with lectures and practical exercises
  • 2021: "Mono-concepts - individual product as a unique selling point" - AROMA Das Genussmagazin (Pistor)
  • 2019: "REAL TIME INNOVATION - Thinking in new patterns"
    Klaus Sailer, Wolfgang Stark, Christine Weber, Susanna Eder and Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2019: "MOOI - Managing & Organizing Open Innovation"
    Henry Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke and Nadine Roijakkers
  • 2019: "Multisensory technology in communal catering - addressing guests' senses - new techniques"
    Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2019: "Digitalization in the catering business 4.0 - Digitalization in guest contact:
    What must be done today? What can? What is possible in the future?" - S&F Consulting Modern Catering Management Workshop Series 2018/2019
    Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2019: "Mono-product restaurant in the competitive gastronomy market"
    Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2017: "Business Model for Teams: See How Your Organization Really Works And How Each Person Fits In"
    Tim Clark, Bruce Hazen and Yves Pigneur
  • 2017: "Innovative communal catering - feasible or utopia?" - S&F Symposium, Fürstenfeldbruck
    Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2017: "Go on - be an Agripreneur! Creative Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Agriculture Food Sector." - i9agri - I Feira de Inovação Agroalimentar -
    I AGRO INNOVATION FAIR, Castelo Branco, Portugal
    Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2016: "Managing innovation in the hotel and catering industry"
    Prof. Dr. Burkhard von Freyberg, Prof. Dr. Axel Gruner and Laura Schmidt with Erik A. Leonavicius
  • 2012: "Business Model You! Your Life - Your Career - Your Game"
    Tim Clark, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
  • 2011: "The journey to the three treasure islands: Entrepreneurship - Innovation - Personality"
    Methods and quality in start-up teaching, start-up coaching and start-up consulting - interventions and innovations
    Klaus-Dieter Müller and Christoph Diensberg (ed.)
    Klaus Sailer, Ellen Miessen and Erik A. Leonavicius


  • 2018 / 2019 Strascheg Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education
  • 2009 MediaAward for website
  • 1995 and 1998 Prize of the Brillat Savarin Foundation for innovative concepts in the Hospitality Industry

Scientific cooperation

I am happy to continuously expand my scientific network. For an initial meeting, simply send me an e-mail with your contact details to:

Professional memberships

In my daily work, I voluntarily follow the quality standards of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater (BDU) e.V., Bonn
and the code of conduct "Real Estate Investment Management" (REIM) of the Gesellschaft für immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung (gif e.V.), Wiesbaden.

I am happy to continuously expand my specialist network. For an initial meeting, simply send me an e-mail with your contact details to:

Excerpt from publications and lectures at home and abroad

Monoconcepts - single product as unique selling proposition

Radical positioning seems like a gastronomic gamble. Nevertheless, there are concepts that turn a product or ingredient into a unique selling point for their gastronomic idea. We went in search of successful specializations from around the world and asked an expert what the future holds for limited but clearly focused mono-concepts.

Erik Leonavicius in an expert interview with Nina Vagli from the new interactive magazine "AROMA" of Pistor AG, Switzerland

Entrepreneurs from 30 nations against hunger in the world

Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) in Munich

From 1,200 applications worldwide, 35 top students were selected to develop innovative and entrepreneurial business models on the topic of "food" within one week.

Erik A. Leonavicius of REINVENTIS is expert, gives multisensory keynote and supports GESS teams at the host United Nations World Food Programme in Munich

Coneeect - The Hague - Netherlands

Coneeect is an international network of universities for the establishment and improvement of entrepreneurship teaching in Europe. For this purpose, Coneeect offers an interactive training program for academic entrepreneurship lecturers across Europe. The program is officially supported and funded by the European Union. Best-practice entrepreneurship education is delivered in interdisciplinary teams by renowned international experts and trainers. For this purpose, Coneeect offers five international one-week interactive intensive trainings with different courses each at five European hotspots: Munich, Aberdeen, Sofia, Tel Aviv and Lisbon.

Erik Alexander Leonavicius delivers keynote "Insights & Use of ConeectU-Platform"

DIG Winter Workshop

More than 80 participants came to the winter workshop of the German Institute for Community Catering (DIG) in Hannover. A record turnout. This year's host was the car manufacturer Volkswagen with its Service Factory. The focus of the two-day members' meeting was once again on change with its direct consequences for the community catering sector. Conclusion à la James Bond: "Standstill is a danger to life".

Erik Alexander Leonavicius gives multisensory keynote at the German Institute for Community Catering (DIG) - Report in Food Service - Portal for the out-of-home market

Continuously perfect it must be

Marketing expert Erik Alexander Leonavicius reveals what matters when restaurateurs want to implement a mono concept.

Erik A. Leonavicius from REINVENTIS in FRISCH Magazine

Refusal does not apply

Innovative communal catering - feasible or utopia?

Erik Alexander Leonavicius gives multisensory keynote at 14th S&F Symposium in Fürstenfeldbruck - report in GVmanager

The real estate etiquette

What should you keep in mind when dealing with the real estate industry during gastronomic expansion.

Erik A. Leonavicius of REINVENTIS at the concept workshop at Intergastra in Stuttgart, Germany


Increasingly, restaurateurs are using the marketing tricks of large companies and focusing on one message and one central product. FRISCH looks at where the advantages and disadvantages of this trend toward mono-concepts lie.

REINVENTIS in the FRISCH magazine from Kröswang

Digitalization in the catering business 4.0

S&F Group Workshops 2018 / 2019

Future Strategies in Modern Catering Management

Digitization in guest contact

What must today? What can? What is possible in the future?

Erik A. Leonavicius of REINVENTIS gives multisensory keynote address

i9agri - Agrifood Innovation Fair - Portugal

First Innovation Agrifood Fair in Portugal to be held in Castelo Branco at Centro de Exposições e Eventos da AEBB, May 4-6, 2017. The III. International InovCluster Congress will be held at the fair.

Erik A. Leonavicius of REINVENTIS gives multisensory keynote at the congress: "Go on - be an Agripreneur! Creative Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Agriculture Food Sector".

Multidisciplinary cooperation - only one contact person

Consulting - Conference - Innovation, Reinvention and Transformation - REINVENTIS - Munich

Strategy Consulting

REINVENTIS is my strategy consulting and services firm for innovation, reinvention and transformation. I specialize in helping you as an investor, manager or team to compete and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Erik A. Leonavicius - Expert - Strategy Consulting - Office - Innovation, Reinvention and Transformation - REINVENTIS - Munich


My name is Erik A. Leonavicius. I am your expert for all your questions, challenges and tasks in your project plans in order to jointly create new values, progress and growth around your companies, brands, products, services, services or real estate.

Contact - Innovation, Reinvention and Transformation - REINVENTIS - Munich


Get in touch with me quickly and easily now so we can discuss how I can support you as an investor, manager or team in your innovation, reinvention and transformation to create new value, progress and growth and achieve your goals.